Cold appetizers
Delicious octopus salad (Thinly sliced octopus aspic with arugula and capers, seasoned with olive oil, lemon and orange.) 65 kn
Fish under lemon (Fish carpaccio seasoned with lemon, olive oil and capers. The fish type depends on the local fishermen catch.) 79 kn
Plate "Bon appetit" (Marinated prawn and mussels, smoked mussels with rucola, capers and sea fennel.) 88 kn
Dalmatian prosciutto (Portion 100 g.) 55 kn
Homemade sheep cheese (Portion 100 g.) 60 kn
Goat cheese (Ecologically manufactured from Dugi otok. Portion 100 g.) 70 kn
Meat carpaccio (Beef or veal carpaccio served with arugula and Grana Padano cheese.) 79 kn
Smoked tuna (Cold smoked tuna served with arugula with sea fennel and olive oil.) 80 kn
Grancigula "Bon appetit" (Refreshing crab meat salad.) 89 kn
Fish soup (Thick fish soup with pieces of white fish and barley.) 27 kn
House soup (Soup from fresh seasonal products from organic farming, dependent on the daily market.) 25 kn
Warm appetizers
Green orzotto (Barley porridge with barley grass and shrimps.) 80 kn
Garden orzotto (Barley porridge with seasonal vegetables.) 65 kn
Homemade noodles "Alla chef" (Homemade pasta with shrimps, prosciutto and raisins in saffron sauce.) 89 kn
Pasta "Zadar truffle”" (Homemade pasta in cream sauce with black truffle from the Zadar area.) 79 kn
Homemade spaghetti "Riva" (Homemade spaghetti with shrimps and chilli pepper.) 79 kn
Homemade noodles with turkey (Homemade noodles with turkey and tomato sauce with basil.) 65 kn
Homemade ravioli (Homemade ravioli stuffed with cheese in gorgonzola and walnut sauce.) 75 kn
Folded macaroni with crab (Homemade folded macaroni with crab meat.) 120 kn
* All noodles (pasta) is homemade, made in our kitchen.
Meat dishes
Beefsteak "Kaldera" (Beef fillet with roasted potatoes and ham in reduced red wine cuvee sauce.) 159 kn
Rump steak "Chef" (Rump steak flavored with rosemary smoke scent, with roasted potatoes and carrot and broccoli cream.) 98 kn
Filet Mignon (Filet Mignon in cream sauce with truffles from the Zadar region and homemade pasta.) 130 kn
Lamb chops (Grilled lamb chops with roasted potatoes and rosemary and bacon.) 110 kn
Duck (Roast duck breast in reduced red wine cuvee sauce and sour cherries with zucchini orzotto.) 99 kn
Pork loin medallions "Chef" (Pork loin medallions filled with dry fig in prosecco sauce with swiss chard with olive oil.) 89 kn
St. Pierre fillet (Poached St. Pierre fillet with "parboiled" sheep cheese and sea fennel.) 135 kn
Sea bass fillet (Cooked sea bass fillet with olives in pesto sauce and swiss chard in olive oil.) 110 kn
"Morska teća" (for two) (Monkfish, shrimp, octopus and mussels stew with homemade pasta.) 320 kn
Tuna medallions (Tuna medallions with prosciutto with carrot and broccoli cream.) 95 kn
Lobster "Buzara" (Lobster in traditional Dalmatian sauce with homemade pasta.) 135 kn
Shrimps - 1 kg (By request.) 360 kn
Calamari - 1 kg (Grilled or boiled.) 240 kn
White fish - 1 kg (Depending on the offer of local fishermen.) 380 kn
Clams (Depending on the offer of local fishermen.)
Mussels - 1 kg 80 kn
Warty venus - 1 kg 170 kn
Noah's Arc shell - 1 kg 130 kn
Coquilles St. Jacques - 1 piece (Grilled.) 35 kn
Coquilles St. Jacques - 1 piece (Gratinated with shrimps and cheese.) 45 kn
Salads - mixed salads
"Chef" salad (Season salad with cuttlefish, olives, capers, sea fennel and dried tomatoes.) 80 kn
"Bon appetit" salad (Season salad with grilled beef file snippets, caramelized onions and sesame.) 90 kn
"Riva" salad (Season salad with squid, fava beans and dried tomatoes.) 80 kn
"Kaldera" salad (Season salad with grilled turkey snippets, and roasted almond flakes.) 65 kn
Salads - season salads
The season salad depends on the daily market offer 22 kn
Side dishes
Seasonal vegetables (Cooked or grilled.) 39 kn
Potatoes (Baked or cooked.) 25 kn
Polenta (Prepared in the traditional manner.) 25 kn
Our homemade bread - basket (Various kinds of bread baked in our oven.) 10 kn

Tax is included in price.

Prices are in Croatian kuna.

Book of complaints is at the bar.

It is forbidden to consume and sell alcohol for persons under 18.